Our Business

1. Poultry
A. Whole Chicken (Fresh)
B. Whole Chicken (Frozen)
C. Individually Quick Frozen Portions (Chicken Parts)
  Drum Sticks
  Chicken Wings
  Chicken Laps
  Mixed Portions (Assorted)
  Gizzards & Liver
  Chicken Neck
  Heads, Legs and Entrails
2. Greenlands Dairy
Greenlands Milk is made from 100 percent real cow milk. with no artificial substance, Greenlands Milk is health, nutritious, and safe for consumption.

Greenlands Milk is produced and packed under the most hygienic and international standards in the European Union.

3. Greenlands Vertigo Energy
Greenlands Group in conviction with the Vertigo Energy International has created a unique and ensuring power generation through natural resources.

This unique solution has brought electricity to many homes in Africa.

4. Greenlands Agribusiness Consult Limited
As we progressed within the Group, we set up the Greenlands Agribusiness Consult Limited.

This is an agricultural Consultancy and Training firm operating on the three cardinals of expertise, experience, and enterprise. We bring these factors to bare while providing consultation for our teeming and highly esteemed clients.

5. Greenlands Mouldex Stones
Greenlands Group in partnership with Mouldex Europe, formed a sustaining alliance in the production of Greenlands Stones.

These are extremely beautiful, qualitative and affordable 3-D decorative stones made from the finest of raw materials in Africa for aesthetic and structural attributes in mordern architecture and building Engineering.