Our Subsidiaries

Greenlands Foods Processing

The Greenlands Group started out with a meat processing plant (poultry) as its premier operation, this is located in Ogun State Nigeria.

From this processing plant, we process live poultry birds (Broiler Chicken) into ready-to-cook chicken products. We deploy cutting edge technology in our operations while retaining the International Standards recommended by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and International Organisation for Standardization (ISO).

Greenlands Agribusiness Consult Limited

As we progressed within the Group, we set up the Greenlands Agribusiness Consult Limited. This is an agricultural Consultancy and Training firm operating on the three cardinals of expertise, experience, and enterprise. We bring these factors to bare while providing consultation for our teeming and highly esteemed clients.

Greenlands Foods Retailing Company

With the need for increased market penetration of agricultural and food products within the West African Coast, Greenlands Foods Retailing Company was formed.

We engage in marketing, sales and distribution of local and international brands of agro-based food products. Our retail outlets are in major cities across Nigeria, and there are plans to extend the network of outlets to the West African market as demand for our product brands increases.

Greenlands Agricultural Projects

Our firm engage in partnership with other firms to execute ad- hoc agricultural projects for diverse clientele group comprising institutions, governments and agencies.

We currently undertake projects such as Data Collection, Agricultural Mapping, Specified Agricultural Production Projects (Fish farming, Diary Fruits and Vegetable products, Bio-Energy production) etc.

Greenlands Value-Chain Finance

Our company runs an ‘out-growers’ scheme being funded by our operations to create value in the agricultural supply chain. This enables farmers who partner with us in nurturing a mutually beneficial relationship which ensures funds are accessible to farmers to sustain their production.

We are planning to develop this into a full-fledge agricultural bank.